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immunity - Legal protection from liability. There are many categories of immunity in civil and criminal law. For example, sovereign immunity protects government agencies from civil liability and judicial immunity protects judges acting in their official capacities.  

impanel - To seat a jury. When voir dire is finished and both sides have exercised their challenges, the jury is impanelled. The jurors are sworn in and the trial is ready to proceed.  

impeachment of witness - An attack on the credibility of a witness 

inadmissible/incompetent evidence - Information which is so unreliable it cannot be admitted under the established rules of evidence.  

in camera - In a judge's chambers; in private.  

incarceration - Imprisonment; confinement in a jail or penitentiary.  

incest - The crime of sexual intercourse between a male and a female who are so closely related they would not legally be allowed to marry.  

indeterminate sentence - An indefinite sentence of imprisonment, within a specified range (e.g. "5 to life") with the Board of Pardons later determining the exact term to be served.  

indictment - An accusation of a criminal offense made by a grand jury 

information - The first paper filed in criminal prosecution which states the crime of which the defendant is accused.  

injunction - A court order forbidding or requiring a certain action.  

in loco parentis - "In the place of the parent"; refers to actions of a custodian, guardian or other person acting in the parent's place.  

instruction - A direction given by the judge to the jury concerning the law to be applied in the case.  

inter alia - Among other things.  

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