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warrant - A written order issued and signed by a judge or magistrate which allows the police to search a place and seize specified items found there (search warrant), or to arrest or detain a specified person (arrest warrant).  

willful - A "willful" act is one done intentionally, as distinguished from an act done carelessly or inadvertently.  

with prejudice - A dismissal "with prejudice" bars the right to bring or maintain another action on the same claim or cause.  

without prejudice - A dismissal "without prejudice" allows a new suit to be brought on the same cause of action.  

witness - One who testifies under oath to what he/she has seen, heard or otherwise observed.  

writ - A petition to a court for some extraordinary relief, such as asking the court to release a defendant from imprisonment.  

writ of certiorari - A procedure requesting appellate review. It is discretionary. If the writ is denied, the higher court refuses to hear the appeal and the judgment in the lower court stands unchanged. If the writ is granted, the higher court hears the appeal.  


What is Intellectual Property? [xi] 

Intellectual property is the information that makes it possible for businesses to earn money. Business assets are protected by laws that state that the people who created the property haveexclusive rights to use that property – for any purpose, but most often for profit.  

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