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·         Avoid giving too much information at once; give information in manageable pieces.  

Person-to-Person Communication 

In addition to distributing or posting written educational materials, where feasible, present information person-to-person. It is more influential than written materials alone.  

·         Seek volunteers in each work area who are willing to be trained as "waste reduction pros." The pros provide a friendly and knowledgeable source of information throughout the organization. And they can provide feedback on how you are doing.  

·         Train new employees. Let them know they are expected to use resources carefully and fully participate in waste reduction programs. Explain how to prevent waste and recycle materials.  

·         Use all-employee gatherings to promote waste reduction. Show what is being done well and what areas need improvement.  


There are lots of great ways to motivate employees. Here are just a few:  

·         Graph progress and show people how they are doing by division, floor or other unit.  

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