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IMCB ™ International Management Consultants Certification Board

IMC International Certified Management Consultants Board of Standards Society Management Consulting Certification Certified Management Professional Certification

Certifications from The IMCB ™  International Management Consultants - Graduate Board of Management Standards


1)  AMC  ™ Accredited Management Consultant
  MCP ™ Management Consulting Professional 
Board Certified in Management Consulting
2)  AFA ™  Accredited Financial Analyst ™
Board Certified in Financial Analyst
3)  MFP ™  Master Financial Planner ™
Board Certification in Financial Planning
4)  CPC ™  Certified Project Consultant ™
Board Certified in Project Management
5)  MBC ™ Master Business Consultant ™
Board Certified in Business Consulting
6)  CITA  ™ Certified International Tax Analyst ™
Board Certification in International Taxation
7)  CEA ™  Certified E-Business Analyst ™
Board Certified in e-Commerce Consulting
8)  CHRA ™   Certified Human Resources Analyst ™
Human Resources Certification
9)  CEPA ™ Chartered Economic Policy Analyst ™
Ecomomist Board Certification for Management Consultants
10) ChMA ™ Chartered Marketing Analyst ™
Marketing and Public Relations Board Certification.
11) RBA Registered Business Analyst
Board Certified in Business Analysis
12) AMA ™ Accredited Management Accountant
Board Certified in Management Accounting Analysis
13) CIPM  ® Certified International Project Manager
Board Certified in International PM Analysis
14) MPM  ® Master Project Manager
Board Certified in PM
Other Administrative Designations:
 RPS (Registered Professional Secretary)

RAP (Registered Administrative Professional)


*Certifications awarded by the Global Board of Management or Awarded/Licensed from the Board of Standards - Marketing Certification - Financial Certification - Management Consulting Certification - HR Certification - PM Certification -  Economics Certification - Tax Certification - Risk Management Certification

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